Show your music capability by making a freestyle video and promoting it here.

And in so doing; give yourself the opportunity of attracting label owners and sponsors. Who are on the look out for upcoming artiste to sign.

We want all the upcoming artiste, who are interested in this project to understand that.

We have a set standard for the freestyle videos we are looking for.

For that reason, we urge all intending artiste to drop their freestyle videoz via the WhatzApp number below.

Watch the Rema freestyles below to understand how to make a dope Freestyle Video.

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How to promote your music in 2020 for Naija.

Few years ago, Alaba international mix was the short cut to blow in Naija music industry, and funny enough it was very few artiste who knew the trick. The trick was to put your music in at least 30 to 50 Alaba mix collection which was dropping every now and then. And when your song …

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7 Things you must do to sign a record deal for Naija.

INTRODUCTION First and foremost, when you think about a record deal, think about a group of business men with capital who are desperately in need of a commodity or product to buy and sell in order to make so much profit. Now consider yourself, the artiste, as that commodity or product, and always be reminded …

How a music video can help you blow in 9Ja.

It is worthy to note that the Nigerian music industry has grown so tremendously over the years; one of such evidence is the quality of music videos that are being produced in Nigeria. Let me quickly add that few years ago, Nigeria was so left behind when it came to video quality.  If you watch …

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How a song title can help you blow in the music industry.

In my few years of experience as a music promoter, I have come to realize that upcoming artiste are fond of giving titles to songs anyhow they like; they do not seem to think wise when it comes to titling their songs before finally make them public. Now when I did a little research on …

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Tips on cover design for online music promotion.

PART 1 -IMPORTANCE OF COVER DESIGN I’ve seen a whole lot of upcoming artiste who are yearning for an effective online music promotion having one poor or bad cover design or another. Most of them go to the extent of using their smartphone to design a cover art, and worst of all affix a photo …

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Weekly Freestyle Video Challenge.

📆 🗒️ Here is a Rooster for the Weekly Freestyle Video Challenge.🎥🎞️ Overview 📽️📹The freestyle video challenge is a continous weekly challenge on this platform. Which means, it happens 4 times a month. What is Read more…

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