Weekly Freestyle Video Challenge.

πŸ“½οΈπŸ“ΉThe weekly freestyle video challenge is a continous challenge on this platform that happens 4 times a month.


What freestyle video challenge?

Every week, artiste who cares to join this platform will make a Freestyle video, of not more than 1 minute, and submit to their respective WhatzApp groups before 12 Midnight on Sunday.

Ensure you attach your contact details, preferable phone number and email to the video. You can also add your social media links.

The best freestyle videos will then be selected, and uploaded on this website, as well as, promoted across all our social media platforms.


Participation & Selection:

Both Premium and Non-Premium Group members shall participate every week.

But only videos in the Premium Group will be uploaded on this website, and also promoted on all our social platforms.
While videos in the non premium group will only be reposted by the admin on all our WhatzApp groups.

Follow this link to watch freestyle videos already uploaded and promoted on this site.


Who are premium group members?

Premium Group menmbers are those who have paid to promote any content on any of our blog.

When artistes pays to promote their songs, freestyle videos etc on our blog, they are automatically added to our premium group.


Means of submission.

Every artiste will submit their videos on their respective groups.

N/B: Please do not submit any freestyle video to the admin.


Is there any other way to join the premium group?

If you don’t have anything to pay for and promote on our blog at the moment, you can pay 1,000 Naira to be added to the Premium Group.


How can an artiste join the non premium group?

Follow link below to join any of our non premium WhatzApp group.

Freestyle WhatzApp Group 1

Freestyle WhatzApp Group 2

N/B: Please don’t join more than one group, cuz you will be removed from one.


Benefit of the challenge

Freestyle videos of upcoming artiste, who cares to join this platform, will be promoted until they attract sponsors and record companies.


Aim of the challenge

Since social platforms require their users to create more contents before their accounts can go viral and gain followers. And it is hard for upcoming artiste to have that much time to create more contents.

Our aim therefore is to help upcoming artistes collectively create and promote freestyle videos, as a content to grow their online fanbase.

We have YouTube tutorials that will help you learn Why You Must Make Freestyle Videos, How To Shoot A Professional Freestyle video with a Smartphone, as well as, How To Use Freestyle Videos To Grow Your Online Fanbase.

Watch the tutorials below.

Click here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more tutorials.

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