I started my musical career as a live band musician, I am a drummer, keyboardist and a vocalist too. we perform in occasions like marriages, burial ceremonies, house warming parties etc.

Though I love listening to 9ja Hip Hop and western songs, my 9ja idols was just P-Square and I had Celine Dion and Westlife as my western idols.

Most times I make videos of myself playing and singing western songs with my keyboard till I started getting inspiration to write my own songs, my first track was a blues-track.

I had challenges as a live band musician, I was not well known in the industry despite my hard works and performances, let me say it was because a lot of players has been there before me so going to occasion to perform would be after my seniors has, most times I end up not going anywhere at all so because of that I started realizing that my talent is more in the Hip Hop industry and not this live band of a thing, so I finally made up my mind to go fully into singing Hip Hop.

This freestyle is an example of my style of music, and I also make it with the aim of attracting a record label or sponsor who will help take my career to great height.

Interested persons should contact this WhatsApp number 08132633812.


Eventus Okon is a Blogger, Music Promoter, Web Designer, Cinematographer, Photographer and Entrepreneur.He is a Nigerian from Akwa Ibom State.You can connect or contact him via any of his social media accounts or phone number below.


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