Freestyle Video By Don Parsky

This is a freestyle video performance by a fast rising Nigerian artiste known as Don Parsky.

My name is Eze Isaiah chinedu foloruso, and my stage stage name is Don parsky.

I can sing and rap in Yoruba, Igbo and English language.

However, I prefer singing love music more than any other theme.

I started my primary one to four in Enugu state, and finished it up in Ekiti state. That is why I can speak Yoruba fluently.

My father and mother are both from the same state, Enugu to be precise.

I started my music career when I was in Jss 2 with my friend named dray money.

My first time to performing live was on my graduation day, where I surprise many teachers by using their names to sing.

I inherit the music career from my Grandpa who was a musician when he was still alive.

And my elder sister is currently a dancer.

Am presently working hard to do more than my Grandpa, and as a result of that, my first time to experience studio was on my mummy’s birthday.

I went to the studio to surprise her with a cool birthday music and she was very happy.

When am lonely or sad I usually play free beat to motivate me, and I will be in good mood instantly when I do.

My parents are not that much rich to train me further, because my elders brother and elder sister are in high institutions.

That is why parents told me to calm down till they finish their own, before I can start my own high institution.

For that reason, I am looking forward for someone to sponsor my music career. And I will be very emotionally happy when I see a person to help me out.

You can watch my Freestyle Video below.

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