Freestyle video by Stephen Blinks

Freestyle Video By Stephen Blinks

Permit us to present to you a freestyle video by Stephen Blinks.


Sunday Stephen, who is musically known as Stephen Blinks, is a fast rising Nigerian artiste, who hails from Bayelsa State.

He is currently a theatre arts student of the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State.

Stephen is 19 years old.

He started his musical career in the year 2018 as an Afro singer.


Blinks has the ability to compose songs, and he believes in it so much.

But his challenges of finding someone to financially support his career is what seems to be hindering him.

He has dropped a couple of hit songs in school. Where he is known as one of the best artist.

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Having a little chat with him a while ago he said. “I need a manager who can make my voice to be heard both home and abroad. I don’t belong anywhere, I’m like a one man army, and deep down, I know I can’t do this alone.

To prove his musical capability, Blinks drops the freestyle video, hoping someone will pick interest in working with him.

I therefore urge you to please watch below a freestyle video by Stephen Blinks.

And if you’re interested in working with him, please, contact the admin of this site on the WhatzApp number:08132633812. And he will connect him with Blinks.

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