This post gives in details the reason why upcoming artiste must make freestyle videos.

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Why Upcoming Artiste Should Make Freestyle Videos.

These days, label owners are everywhere on the internet looking for upcoming artists who have the real talent to sign.

And one of their means of verification is Freestyle Videos.

They care less about audio tracks. since most of the music made by upcoming artiste are either poorly recorded, or the artiste has nothing to sing at all.

Thus making a freestyle video with: either singing with your natural voice over an instrumental.


Singing along to your already good quality recorded audio track, playing on the background.

Helps to convince a sponsor or record labels that you are musically fit.

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Rema – The Role Model Of Freestyle Videos.

Rema is an example of a Nigerian artiste who was discovered through a freestyle video, and when his boss Don Jazzy was interviewed by ‘The Loose Talk Podcast’.

The CEO of Marvin Records said: “It’s simple, on Instagram, the Prince put out a song, Gucci gang featuring myself and David and the young man did a freestyle to it and tagged us.

That’s how everybody finds every artiste.

That’s where anybody that signed any artiste finds them.

On Instagram. Tag any artiste, if the person is feeling you… you’ll blow straight up”

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An example of a Dope Freestyle Video by Rema.

Our Strategy to achieve Why Upcoming Artiste Must Make Freestyle Videos

However, it is very difficult for label owners to jump and watch your freestyle video when you tag them on Instagram.

And this is because, they need an assurance that they are not going to click on the next low quality video of an upcoming artiste.

Who is vibing along to a poorly recorded audio track, or sings/raps what makes no sense at all over an instrumental.

So based on the above reason, we decided to build a web-page, where we could selectively assemble dope freestyle videos of upcoming artiste.

And in so doing also run ads to reach out to sponsors or record label owners.

With the hope that they will visit our site to watch and discover their next talented artiste.

We are currently charging only 1,000 Naira, as part of our starting out promo.

But once we meet our target, a fixed price may be implemented.

And who knows?

It might just be expensive by that time.

So we are advising upcoming artiste to make use of this golden opportunity, and have their freestyle video uploaded and promoted on this site for just 1,000 naira.


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Disclaimer On Why Upcoming Artiste Must Make Freestyle Videos.

Please read this disclaimer on why upcoming artiste must make freestyle videos.

Please we want to inform every artiste that are interested in this promo that it is not every freestyle video that we accept.

That is why we have not added any payment details on this post.

So therefore, you must first of all send us your freestyle video. And once we watch and verify that it’s up to the standard we want, we will send you details on payment.

After your payment is made, your freestyle video will be uploaded, published and promoted.

But if on the other hand it is not OK, we will advise you on what to do.

If you are able to do it and meet up with our specified standard, the due process will then be implemented.

We want to let you know that we are just starting out, and at such have a reputation to protect.

In order to be able to convince the record companies and sponsors, that we are hosting only the best upcoming artiste on this platform.

We also would like to let every upcoming artiste that come across this promo know that.

The 1,000 Naira we are charging is only used to download, edit, upload and post your freestyle video to specific locations.

At such it is not a fee that guarantees your promo.

I hope we all know that it cost a fortune to do online promo this days, and as an online promoting company we have our price list which you can request for us to send to you.

We therefore hope that every upcoming artiste will make good use of this opportunity. And get their freestyle video out there in anticipation of landing that record deal every artiste is yearning for.

Finally we would like to thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

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